HSz: as is/as if

HSz: as is/as if, produced by the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at California College of the Arts, is a focused collection of essays and interviews resulting from a course taught by Assistant Professor, Julian Myers, on Harold Szeemann´s 1983 exhibition Der Hang Zum Gesamtkunstwerk: Europaische Utopien seit 1800. In setting out to unravel Szeemann´s orchestration of various artistic theories and manifestations of utopia, the class pursued paths he signposted into the realms of art, architecture, music, poetry, literature, cinema, politics, and history. HSz is prefaced by Julian Myers´s essay, Totality: A Guided Tour, first published in Afterall magazine in 2009. The students´ contributions range from interviews with Balthasar Burkhard (Szeemann´s photographic collaborator and the author of much of the iconic documentation of his exhibitions) and Christian Bok (the Canadian experimental poet), to essays on W.E.B. Du Bois´s complex relationship to Richard Wagner and the approach to the Gesamtkunstwerk evinced in the cinema of the early 20th century. Szeemann is once again revealed in these pages as a catalyst for evaluating not only the curatorial discipline, but also the subjects he framed in his exhibitions.

CCA Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice, 2010
Paperback, 200 pages, black & white illustrations
Printed on recycled paper